Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) coating is a special material consisting of a combination of aluminum, titanium and nitrogen elements. Standing out with its surface hardness, thermal durability and corrosion resistance, AlTiN coating has a wide range of industrial uses.

This type of coating significantly extends the life of the material on which it is applied, making production processes efficient and economical. AlTiN, which exhibits excellent performance especially in high temperature conditions, has become a preferred coating option in the industry.

Basic Properties of AlTiN Coating

Aluminum Titanium Nitride coating provides high hardness and wear resistance. Its resistance to heat allows the coating to maintain its hardness and structural integrity even at high temperatures. This is ideal for applications that require high-speed machining and heavy-duty operation.

AlTiN, which covers the surface, protects the material against possible damage, while at the same time reducing the excessive heat that may occur during the process. These properties determine the AlTiN coating's superior resistance to wear, oxidation and corrosion.

Comparison of AlTiN Coating with Other Coatings

AlTiN coating has high thermal resistance compared to other coating types such as TiN (Titanium Nitride) and TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride). In high speed machining and heavy cutting applications, AlTiN coating provides longer tool life than other coating types.

In addition, AlTiN coating, which preserves the mechanical properties of the material, does not change the original properties of the material it is coated with. While this protects the material from environmental factors, it surpasses other coatings with its ability to preserve the original properties of the material.

Environmental Effects of AlTiN Coating

AlTiN coating is produced with an environmentally friendly process. This process does not produce any harmful substances and is an important advantage for companies that attach importance to environmental sustainability. In addition, the coating's ability to extend the life of the tools reduces material waste and contributes to a sustainable production process.

Tools and materials produced with AlTiN coating require less maintenance. This leads to a reduction in maintenance time and costs. Therefore, this coating offers many advantages, both economically and environmentally.