Titanium Carbonitride: The New Standard in Hardness and Durability

Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN) is a type of coating that provides high hardness and wear resistance. It is formed as a result of combining titanium and carbon with nitrogen. TiCN coating is usually applied to the surfaces of tools and parts used in the metalworking industry.

Properties and Usage Areas of Titanium Carbonitride Coating

The most important feature of Titanium Carbonitride coating is its very high hardness and wear resistance. These features significantly increase the service life of the tools. In addition, TiCN coating is preferred in high speed metal processing applications due to its high heat resistance.

The Advantages of TiCN Coating Over Other Coatings

TiCN coating has some advantages over other coatings such as titanium nitride (TiN) and chromium nitride (CrN). Firstly, the TiCN coating further extends the wear life of the tools as it has a higher hardness than other coatings. Also, the TiCN coating has a higher oxidation resistance than other coatings. This feature allows the TiCN coating to perform better in high speed machining applications.

Environmental Effects of TiCN Coating

TiCN coating is known as an environmentally friendly technology. Because no harmful toxic substances are produced in the production process of this coating. In addition, the coating extends the useful life of tools and parts, resulting in less frequent replacement of these parts and thus less waste.